About the Event

Hong Kong Swing Festival 2020: “Our Place in Time”

“Things do not just exist on their own, everything is part of a sequence of events, places, and people.” – Ramona Staffeld

In our 12th year, we are excited to present HKSF 2020 with a different concept and format – and hope you can join us in a weekend to discover, question and inspire.

The way we dance, the way we connect, the way we listen… swing allows each of us a personal expression. What circumstances was this expression born out of and how did it come to be as it exists to us now? What influences shape us? What are the topical issues and concerns in our community today? What legacy are we passing on to future dancers? 

We have chosen and invited artists to present a variety of different perspectives, for their experience and knowledge in the development of jazz music, jazz dance and lindy hop. All of them hold a deep respect for the roots and heritage of the dance. We invite YOU to share with us in a weekend of:

*African dance workshops

*Afro Swing workshops

*Fishbowl – an interactive discussion and panel on your questions and experiences

*Band Talk – get up close with jazz instruments and musicians’ point of view

*Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz workshops 



*Be the rhythm – percussion and rhythm sessions 

*Evening parties with the Hot Sugar Band and special guest vocalists

We welcome:

Elias Manhica (Mozambique)

Augusto Manhica (Mozambique)

Eugenio Macuvel (Mozambique)

Lennart Westerlund (Sweden)

Angela Andrew (UK)

Sing Lim (Singapore)

Ramona Staffeld (US)

Felix Berghall (Sweden)