Group Rate



We have a limited number of Group Passes. If they sell out (we will very quickly tell you if your application is successful or unsuccessful), the people in your Group will need to register separately as Individuals from 4pm on the HKSF Registration page.

Please prepare the following info for each group member and submit via the form which will be available at 3pm on Oct 10:
– Name (first name, last name in English spelling)
– Email
– Country/ Dance community
– Leader or Follower
– Level: Beg-Int / Int/ Adv
– Whether they want to take the Friday Walking Tour (HK$60)

Follow these steps to get your Group Rate:

  1. Organize your Group of 10 members
  2. Group organizer should download and fill in the Group Rate application form above (one Form per Group)
  3. Email the Application Form to
  4. Receive confirmation and payment instructions, then make full payment in 1 go
  5. Group is confirmed upon full payment


We know what a great experience it is to travel with your club or friends from your scene, and we want to get more people excited about traveling to swing dance events.

What you need to know:

  • 5% discount on each Full Pass in the Group (ie. HK$2,185 per Full Pass)
  • Each Group must consist of 10 dancers, of which 5 or more are Leaders
  • Group discounts only apply to Full Passes
  • Group Rate passes are non-refundable, but are transferable under the same transfer rules as in our Policies)
  • Individuals that have already registered individually, cannot be added to a Group (unless they are waitlisted, in which case they can be added to a Group)


We have 12 people ! Can we form a Group?

There must be exactly 10 people per Group. 10 people in the Group pay HK$xx each for the Full Pass, plus any extras for T-shirt ($x) or Walking Tour ($x). The extra 2 people pay HK$xx each for Full Pass and need to register individually as part of the normal online process.

We don’t have enough locals to form a Group.. what can I do?

Your Group members can be all from the same place, or a mix of people from local and overseas. As long as HKSF receives the Group full payment in 1 go, you would be responsible for collecting individual Group members’ payments.

You can also use the Forum to connect with other dancers.