HKSF Passes

Please note that HKSF will not be answering queries posted in this forum, any questions for the HKSF organisers should be posted via the Contact page.

This is the discussion page related to HKSF passes –

If you are looking for a partner to register with, looking for someone to transfer your pass to, please post below to engage with fellow dancers. If you have already agreed a pass transfer with someone, you must contact HKSF organisers directly with agreed transfer details, and receive a confirmation from HKSF.


27 thoughts on “HKSF Passes

  1. hyejinkim says:

    i want to transfer the full pass(follower)

    I really wanted to go but I could not go because the schedule was not tuned.

    Please comment if you want.

  2. HWANG SU YEON says:

    What do I do when I try to transfer a full party pack to another person?

    I am a man.
    my name : HWANG SU YEON
    phone : 010 3875 5059

  3. Rachel says:

    Hello Fellow Follows,

    Looking for a follow with a Party Pass, interested in swapping for a Full Pass. Would LOOOOVE to take the classes but had ad-hoc time clash. Message me! 🙂


  4. Tanja says:

    hi hi,
    Anyone selling ANY pass last minute? Am a follower, just back to HK, hence missed all the registration deadlines. Thanks

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