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Local Hosts who sign up to host through our centralised system, can enjoy a 5% discount on their Full Pass or Party Pass, on condition that they fulfil their hosting commitments. So sign up now!

Hosting discount:

-hosts must be matched by our central system, not independently

– applies once per hosting household (ie if 2 people live in the same household, discount will apply to one Pass)

– does not apply additional to Passes which are already discounted under the Group Rate

You’re coming to HKSF 2018 and don’t know where to stay yet? Then try experiencing the festival together with a local host!

You live in Hong Kong and have an extra room? An extra bed or sofa?  Space for a sleeping bag? Then don’t hesitate and take the chance to meet another dancer in a very unique way! Remember that people are not expecting to be hosted in a 5 star hotel. Also know that, if you can host someone, you’ll have one more person to dance with, accompany you on the way home/share the cab, and — if you’re an amazing host — you’ll get a place to crash when you visit their country…

We’ll do our best to find a host for each request, however there is no guarantee and will be given on a first come first served basis. Dancers who have purchased a Full Pass and who have paid in full will be given first priority.

Please note that your request to be hosted will not be considered before you register and pay for your HKSF pass.


If you still need to be convinced, check out the testimonials from hosts and guests in past HKSFs:

From Hosts:

“I really enjoyed hosting Z, she’s amazing and I wouldn’t have gotten to know her if I didn’t host”

” It’s great to know that you can make a difference in a dancers decision to make it to a festival, especially in a place like Hong Kong where hotels are very pricey! Hosting to me is a great opportunity to emphasize the togetherness of Lindy worldwide. I hope to host many more dancers in the future.”

From Guests:

“I really enjoyed being hosted by Y.  I prefer hosting when I can (for example I did so for SOS Shanghai) and being hosted because it gives a unique touch to the experience, in this case to the otherwise amazing HKSF!”

“Hats off to I (and his roommate O) for offering the same. Being a 15+ year veteran of the Lindy community… hosting and being hosted during exchanges has been a defining feature of the Lindy/swing revival over the past two decades. It is what sets this dancing community apart from all the others. Like Z, I hosted during SOS…my door is always open to our dancing community.”

““It’s my first time being hosted for dance event. And I think it’s super great!! Thank you my host D, and very sweet H. Being in a new environment is making me excited but sometimes too overwhelming in the beginning. When I know there is someone local I can contact, ask questions, and even go to the venues together, it is helping me calm and relax to enjoy the dances more. Being hosted is also a fantastic way to know more local dancers and even my roommates! I felt more connected to the event than my previous HKSF event few years ago. I think the hosting element is one main reason for me.”

” …A great idea to host different people (me from Vietnam and J from Taiwan) so in general we get to know more people and make more friends in a short and intense weekend of fun!”