You’re coming to HKSF 2020 and don’t know where to stay yet? Then try experiencing the festival together with a local host!

You live in Hong Kong and have an extra room? An extra bed or sofa?  Space for a sleeping bag? Then don’t hesitate and take the chance to meet another dancer in a very unique way! Remember that people are not expecting to be hosted in a 5 star hotel. Also know that, if you can host someone, you’ll have one more person to dance with, accompany you on the way home/share the cab, and — if you’re an amazing host — you’ll get a place to crash when you visit their country…

We’ll do our best to find a host for each request, however there is no guarantee and will be given on a first come first served basis. Dancers who have purchased a Full Pass and who have paid in full will be given first priority.

Please note that your request to be hosted will not be considered before you register and pay for your HKSF Pass.

Form for Hosts – I WOULD LIKE TO HOST!

Form for Guests – I’d like to be hosted!