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Hot Sugar Band!

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Their performance here:

The Hot Sugar Band is one of the top-rated bands in the world of Lindy Hop and Swing dance and has performed at over 160+ events over the past 3 years, including at Snowball, Herrang (Sweden), Camp Swing It (Korea) and Harlem (Lithuania). Let their unique sound and amazing energy transport you straight to the 1930′s ballrooms of Harlem, into the golden age of Jazz!

Janaia Joy Farrell

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Janaia takes her listeners, with her 5 octave vocal range, on a journey of honey tones and perfect high notes that stretch your senses to the fullest. With over 21 years in the music industry, from Hollywood to Hong Kong she has toured across the globe performing in musicals (HairSpray, Chicago, Little Shop of Horrors, The Wiz etc), with orchestras, major label recording studios (Sony, Warner, EMI) and as a house regular in 5 star hotels.


Alfie (HK)


Apart from his 4 years of swing dance background, Alfie has become one of the regular DJs in Hong Kong Swings since 2016. He is also a drummer teaching in music centres and playing in several bands. His music library was influenced by the swing eras, cool jazz, funk, alternative rock, metal, Canton-pop and Asian pop. His DJ philosophy is to explore and share fun music to dance to. You can find in his set of music, combinations ranging from traditional to contemporary, the West to the East, rhythmic to minimal, loads of fun to deeply emotional.

Brian (HK)


Brian has been dancing and djing for 20 years. His favorite music for dancing includes small band combos, New Orleans dixieland, blues-rock, and general fun stuff.

John (HK)


John (Wangki) started swing DJ-ing in the Midwest of the US,  helping DJ several university swing events and when returning to Hong Kong, DJing in swing events in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, as well as Herrang. His DJ style depends on who is on the dance floor — as long as the music makes you dance, it is a success to him.

Lawrence (HK)


Lawrence also known as ‘Late Night Larry’ has been Djing for a couple of years in Hong Hong, and likes to play Swing with soul and Soul that swings. His music is fun and sure to keep you on the floor late, laaaaateeee, into the night.

Michel (Vietnam)


Michel has been swing dancing since 1999 and loves to party like it’s 1999…

Philippe (HK)


DJ & Music coordinator

Philippe heads the DJ team at Hong Kong Swing Festival. He has been swing dancing and collecting music for several decades. He regularly DJs around the region and further away (Herrang, Snowball, CSI, Swingtime Ball. He likes to play many different styles of swing music to keep the dancers happy and will sometimes DJ from his vinyl collection. He also runs workshops for DJs.

Thomas (HK)

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One of Hong Kong’s regular DJs. Thomas has also played music around the world including Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, and France. His style is of high quality and swinging music guaranteed to keep those triple steps a-stepping! As a dancer that is primarily inspired by the music, he knows what will keep people going on the floor and will definitely play some tunes that you’ve never heard before.

Yulai (Guangzhou)


Yulai believes that classic Swing music is the soul of Swing dancing, while recognizing that variety ignites excitement in dancers. Thus, with his large collection and wide range of music, he is inspired to play music that is playful and rare, and promotes creativity on the dance floor with his music selections. An experienced DJ both nationally and internationally, he has DJed for Herrang Dance Camp, Midwest Lindyfest, Swingtime Ball, Hong Kong Swing Festival, Hawkeye Swing Fest etc as well as various dances around Guangzhou China, Washington D.C., and the Midwest of U.S..