Program Highlights

African dance workshops

In recognition of the African roots of authentic jazz and lindy hop, through traditional African dance, we will explore rhythm and percussion, movement qualities, the importance of the circle, of community and storytelling, emotional expression and connection to the earth. 

Afro Swing workshops

We will explore the connection Afro Swing, perhaps inviting an African expression in Lindy hop and jazz, or experiment with lindy hop/tap/blues to African drums and vice versa – dancing African moves to Swing music, playing with similar steps and rhythms.


We believe that a community is strengthened when its members share stories with one another, and hope to spark empathy among listeners.

The Fishbowl session will be:

Fishbowl sharing (15 minutes)

In small groups, everyone will take a turn to share one experience, opinion or question about anything swing-related. You could prepare this in advance, or come up with one on the spot. It could be about:

-Evolution of swing
-Performing & Competing
-Swing around the world
-Social norms/culture

For example: 

Question: “Can we dance lindy hop to pop music?” 

Opinion: “Competition drives the development of the dance.” “Competition enforces standards that go against the social and street spirit of the dance”

Experience: “I’ve reached a plateau in my dancing and don’t know how to stay inspired”

Fishbowl Panel (40 minutes)

After each person has shared their experience, opinion or question, participants will take a short break while the moderator gathers together the main themes which have come from the sharing session. We will then present these topics for a discussion to the panel, made up of our invited teachers for the weekend.

Fishbowl will give us a chance to air current topics that our communities are thinking about lately, or raise questions you are curious about. If you are interested in reading more about the wider culture of swing, and preparing for sharing in Fishbowl and over the weekend, check out our Fishbowl Resources page!

Band Talk

In “Band Talk”, The Hot Sugar Band will take you through an interactive session to talk about the musicians’ roles and perspectives, jazz music structure, improvisation, communication between band members, how they see the relationship between dancers and the band, and their personal stories of jazz.

And more! The weekend program also includes:

Lindy Hop & Solo Jazz Workshops



Be The Rhythm – percussion and rhythm session

Evening Parties with Hot Sugar Band and special guest vocalists