Lets start the New Year with a new challenge! We would like to invite you to prepare a 1 minute “shortcase” performance for HKSF! We hope to create a way to review/practice/find, learn and create new material and share in a good spirit with a friendly audience. 

It can be 1 person solo, or couple, or team of any number of dancers together.

It can be solo jazz, partnered lindy hop or team solo jazz.. any combination!

Everyone who does a shortcase will receive a present 🙂

It’s OK to:
– use material from classes (ours or elsewhere) or from any online videos you like
– do 30sec and repeat the same thing if you wish
– to help you find a song, we will share a playlist of slow-medium speed songs

We would just require that you hold an entrance ticket to the party where you perform (Fri or Sat, free entrance on Sun).

What to do now: 
– Tell us if you are interested (Karen +852 9868 7991 or
– Let us know your preference (if any) for which night to perform 
– Let us know who’s performing and the group name (if any)
– Choose a song 
– Check some videos if you want
– Set up a few practices with your partner(s) (if any) and prepare your 1 min shortcase
– Share to a great, supportive audience at HKSF!

** We also welcome regular performances outside the shortcase category (ie longer than 1 minute) – if you would like to perform a regular showcase at HKSF then please also contact us!