Eugenio Macuvel

Eugênio has been a choreographer since the age of 14 and the Artistic Director of Hodi Maputo Afro Swing since the start of the company in 2014. Dancing and singing was a natural part of Eugenios childhood, and he was fast to develop. He started “Crianças da Paz” (Children of Peace) together with the Manhiça … Continue reading Eugenio Macuvel

Elias Mahica, Augusto Manhica

The brothers Elias and Augusto Manhica, known as the “Gemeos Manhica” (Manhica Twins), were born in a culturally rich family and started their first music, song and dance cultural group in 2003 called “Criancas da Paz”. They then joined the dance group “Wuchene” and later created Hodi Maputo Maputo Afro Swing Cultural Association, of which … Continue reading Elias Mahica, Augusto Manhica

Lennart Westerlund

Lennart is one of the pioneers, and one of the key persons driving lindy hop from its revival to its renaissance. Since helping to bring original dancers like Al Minns, Frankie Manning and Norma Miller out of retirement in the 1980s, Lennart continues to work around the world to educate about the Harlem roots of … Continue reading Lennart Westerlund

Sing Lim

Sing has been involved in the swing dance community for over 30 years, with Ryan Francois and Frankie Manning amongst her close friends and teachers.  In 1996, Sing was a pioneer of the Asian lindy hop scene, starting up the first swing dance community in Singapore. Through the years, has continued to work tirelessly teaching … Continue reading Sing Lim

Angela Andrew

Angela hails from the first generation of lockers, poppers and breakdancers, with her love of jazz music leading her to search for the roots of street-dance, which is vernacular jazz with roots in African culture. She discovered Lindy Hop in 1991. Ryan Francois, Julie Oram, Sing Lim, and Ron Leslie were her teachers. She is … Continue reading Angela Andrew

Felix Berghäll

Felix is one of the stars of the younger generations of Swedish dancers*. Extremely versatile, and with great energy and humor, his dance style spans both “old school” and “new school”.  You can see him currently teaching, competing and performing around the world, spreading his belief of the freedom and the authentic style of the … Continue reading Felix Berghäll

Ramona Staffeld

Ramona is one of the highest profile Lindy Hop and Authentic Jazz dance teachers in the world. Ramona began studying swing dancing at the age of 11, and was 14 when spotted by Frankie Manning, who asked Ramona to open with him at the Midsummer Night Swing series at Lincoln Center in New York City.  … Continue reading Ramona Staffeld