– Not for complete Beginners at Lindy Hop: Taken Lindy Hop classes, know your 6- and 8-count Lindy Hop basics: swingout, lindy circle, Charleston, simple variations but sometimes not yet confident.

-Solo Jazz:  Not far from beginner level. The teaching will start off and focus on a lot of basic rhythms, steps and doable combinations, as well as touch base with some of the basic routines and stay away from too fast tempos.

– Work on fundamentals and get a really solid base to this dance.

– Emphasis will be placed largely on technique, building important vocabulary and moves.

– This track will have a smaller class with more teacher attention.


– In Lindy Hop, you are an active social dancer, improving your connection, starting to play with musicality and improvisation. You are in control over both eight counts and six counts, and mixing them on the social dance floor.

-In Solo Jazz you have a comfortable knowledge of traditional solo steps and traditional routines. The material will cover choreographed pieces, combinations, traditional steps as well as some slightly faster music here and there.


– There are no set amounts of workshops or years of dancing to reach this level. In other international events you comfortably take the Advanced track classes.

– You can learn at a fast pace. Your technique and steps (in both solo and partnered) are confident and performed without hesitation at slow and fast tempos.

– Since your technique and steps are already at a high level, you are now focusing on improvisation, personal interpretation and development of sensitivity in connection to the music.